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US President Donald Trump made a three-day visit to the UK on June 3. He was interviewed by the British “Sunday Times” before his visit to the UK. He said that Britain should send the Brexit party leader Nigel Farage to negotiate with the EU and said that the UK should refuse to pay the Brexit “breakup fee” until the EU meets the British requirements.

Trump said during the visit that the UK still has time to follow his advice to “increase ammunition for the Brexit negotiations.” Trump advocated the dispatch of a hard-boiled European flag-bearer. The Brexit party leader Farage went to the negotiations and threatened the EU to refuse to pay the “break-up fee” for the Brexit until the EU met the British requirements.

“I will not pay for the breakup fee.”

Trump praised Farach as a clever person: “I like Farage very much, but unfortunately they (the Brexit negotiations) did not include Farage, if Farah had a better result.” Pu also said that if he would not pay close to the $50 billion Brexit breakup fee: “That is a big number, I will not pay.”

Trump said that if he is himself, he will let the UK completely secede from the EU and say that “it will be an excellent opportunity for the UK.”

During the visit, Trump also said that he needs to understand the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to avoid premature sharing of sensitive US information with the “hard-line left-wing workers.” He also called on Hao Erbin to cooperate with the United States if he “hopes that Britain will continue to enjoy US military and intelligence assistance.”

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