david webb

The US government is increasingly tough on China and other trading partners. It not only imposes tariffs on imported goods, but also restricts individual overseas companies from doing business with American companies. Independent investor David Webb believes that it is not surprising if the US government next requires citizens of the country to sell their Chinese stocks and bonds.

David Webb pointed out that the Trump administration is aware of hundreds of billions of US pension funds, mutual funds and funds, and invests in Chinese stocks and bonds listed in the Mainland, Hong Kong and the United States, many of which are controlled by the Chinese government. Or severely regulated by the Chinese government.

David Webb cited the US sanctions against Russian-Aluminum Union (0486) in April 2018 as an example, pointing out that the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has the power to control capital; it also believes that OFAC may be used to order Americans from all Chinese state-owned The holding company divested and then turned its target to the private sector. The private sector is related to the Communist Party, not a real private company.

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