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According to a recent report by Canadian startup Element AI, more than half of the top AI talents in the world are currently distributed in the United States, nearly four times more than China.

According to the “China Economic News” Chinese network report, according to the latest survey data released by Canadian startup Element AI, there are currently 22,400 top talents in the global AI industry, of which more than half are in the United States (12,950), while China It ranks second, but only accounts for about 10% of the number, that is, 2,525 people. This shows that there is a gap in the strength of the AI ​​industry between the two countries.

According to the report, the report was based on the papers published by 21 relevant scholars in the field last year. The United States and China are behind the United Kingdom (1,475), Germany (935) and Canada (815). People) Japan ranked sixth with only 805 people.

The report also pointed out that the related technologies to improve the efficiency of data analysis, eliminate analytical bias and demonstrate the AI ​​judgment process are the most advanced technologies in the field, and there are many research work on these technologies. The United States has developed it in more than 10 years. AI technology-related education policy, and China is developing a new generation AI development plan from 2017 and setting related disciplines.

In Japan, due to the lack of local education and the lack of talents to receive relevant professional education overseas, Japan is currently lacking in competitiveness in the AI ​​field. The Japanese government and enterprises have begun to take action this year. The Japanese government proposed the goal of cultivating 250,000 AI industry talents every year.

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