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The position of the British Queen’s handbag is very different.

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Queen Elizabeth II received a visit to British President Donald Trump on Monday (3rd). Like the weekdays, the Queen’s left arm always carries a handbag and was once shown to Trump. Some royal experts believe that the original position of the handbag is a mystery, and the contents of the handbag are unexpected.

The Queen of England will wear different color suits when attending different occasions, almost always carrying the handbags of the British brand Launcher London. According to brand owner Gerald Bodmer, more than 200 handbags of this brand have been ordered to date. The handle position of the handbag has been particularly extended, considering that the Queen of England needs to often shake hands with other VIPs or leaders.

I want to know what is in the Queen’s handbag, and immediately go to the film.

The Telegraph reported that the Queen’s handbag not only placed personal belongings, but also sent secret information to the royal staff. The royal historian Hugo Vickers pointed out that the Queen of England would hang the handbag on the hook under the table when she was eating. If she put her bag on the table, it would imply that the activity would end in 5 minutes. Ready to leave; on the contrary, if the Queen’s hand bag is placed on the ground, it means that she does not enjoy the dialogue with the guests, and hopes that someone can help.

The Queen used to use the left arm handle. When she stood up and talked, if she changed her handbag from the left arm to the right arm, she also hinted to the royal staff that she was about to end the conversation. The Australian newspaper reported that the Queen’s hand bag was placed on a chair when he received the Australian High Commissioner George Brandis in May 2018, suggesting that the Queen hopes to have longer conversation time with the guests.

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