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The 20-year-old X-Men film series finally ushered in the final chapter, “Dark Phoenix” recently released, regardless of whether you have entered or not, I believe there are many questions about the plot, “Hong Kong 01” The reporter made a special trip to Seoul recently. Interview with Simon Kinberg, the director and screenwriter, and producer Hutch Parker, to solve the key doubts in the movie!

Before the film was released, the prelude to the splendid Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence’s “Mystique” will be blackened into a “black phoenix” by Jean Grey. The reporter asked the director Simon Kinberg why he chose to take the lead in the battle. There was a big reason behind it. “When I sit down and prepare to write a script, there are a few things that need to be decided first. One of them is the role of death in this movie. I will never come back again. There will be several Easter events in the past works, but we hope that this time the experiment will be different, let the X-Men big family tear and bring trauma, the worst thing is death.”

“Next, I have to consider which character is the most popular. The demon is closely related to the blue beast and the magnetic king. She is like the daughter of X, the sister, and the tutor of X-Men members. She is connected to many characters in the whole series. So I think that if something happens to her, it will be a big uproar in the whole X-Men family.” The protagonist of this episode is Jean Grey, the strongest variant of the universe. He is also a heroine with another key figure, and asked if the director deliberately arranged for the rise of women’s rights. He is more and more important about the status of women in Hollywood, but he hopes that this phenomenon will not stop at the scene, and it will be better for more women to participate in the work behind the scenes.

“Black Phoenix” puts a series of “X-Professor” and “Magnetic King” to play the 20-year series of “Special Attacks” and asks the director why he has this arrangement. He said that the two characters’ chess games symbolize the years. The struggle is the most classic part of the X-Men series. “It feels like a circle, complete the series. (Which one will win?) Should it be Professor X? Because he has the ability to read the magnetic king’s thoughts.”

The first version of “Black Phoenix” is even darker. The director gave up for the filmmakers.

Starting from the announcement in mid-2017, not only will the release date be postponed repeatedly, but even the effect will be re-shooting. In the face of all kinds of unfavorable rumors, producer Hutch Parker said that almost every major production encounters the same situation, regardless of the preliminary preparation. How perfect is it, and problems are always found when shooting. But he also pointed out that when the original “Black Phoenix” was conceived, it meant a darker style, just like the werewolf rumored “Logan”, but gave up with the filmmaker’s philosophy.

I believe that fans know that “Black Phoenix” and the “X-Men: The Last Stand” released in 2006, adapted from the original story line of the original comics, just two versions of the script are by Simon Kinberg However, when the old work was released in the same year, it was almost unanimously evaluated. After 13 years, it was re-edited. Hutch Parker admitted that some works in the past were unsuccessful, but he made a masterpiece like “Logan” and hoped that “Black Phoenix” could be obtained. The audience agrees.

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