Aobo He Chaofeng

China-US trade frictions continue, and Mr. He Chaofeng, Chairman and Executive Director of SJM (0880), said after attending the shareholders meeting that the VIP room business will be affected by the trade war, but in April and May of this year, the mid-market business will not be affected. Too big, there is still a high single digit increase. She also pointed out that SJM’s first quarter results have increased, I believe that the overall Macau gambling revenue in the second half of the year is similar to the present, the future will strengthen the midfield.

She said that Lisboa will be completed as scheduled this year. At present, the project has completed more than 90%. It is only waiting for the application to be approved. It depends on the pace of the government approval and the team has control costs. It will try to open this year.

Did not decide whether to open a casino in Japan

Regarding Japan’s opening of gambling rights, she mentioned that the group has sent personnel to Japan for research, emphasizing that it is only a research stage, and there are no final cases, including the construction of casinos in that city. If there are any plans, it will be announced.

Mentioned that two gambling enterprises gambled into foreign-owned enterprises, He Chaofeng pointed out that the group still wants to do its own business for the time being, and has no plans to invest in other companies.

On the other hand, Liang Anqi, co-chairman and executive director, said that he did not think that he was marginalized at SJM because his equity had not decreased or increased, so he was not marginalized.

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