Adele, the British music world, has never updated her personal social platform. Yesterday she uploaded a group of friends to Instagram at the Wembley Stadium in London to enjoy the concert of the Church Girls Group, and took photos with Geri Halliwell. The source revealed that Adele was drunk when he met the idol in the background.

Adele has always liked Spice Girls since she was fine. She even has posters and photos of Spice Girls on the entire wall. I can see the Spice Girls concert again this time. It is a dream for Adele. She uploaded a crazy clip with friends to watch the concert and a photo with the idol, and said that if there is no Spice Girls, there is no one today: “The last time I watched the Spice Girls concert at Wembley Stadium is 21 years ago. I am like crying, laughing, screaming, dancing and cherishing the past like myself at the age of 10. It is no secret that I love Spice Girls so much, they have inspired me to fight for my life.” In addition, at the concert During the period, member Geri Halliwell apologized emotionally to the fans and members on the stage, acknowledging that he was reluctant to leave the team in 1998 because he was too tired: “I am sorry to leave everyone, I am an urchin, able to talk to the girls I love.” It’s a wonderful thing to walk together!”


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