british royal family

Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, were dissatisfied with Prince William and Kate, moved out of Kensington Palace in central London, and lived as a new home in Frogmore Cottage. It was reported that they had undergone extensive renovations and the decoration cost was as high as 2.4 million pounds (about 24 million Hong Kong dollars), which will be paid by British taxpayers.

After the news was exposed, there were civil society groups asking Congress to thoroughly investigate the royal expenses.

Harry and Megan are on the 19th century “Floor Court Moore Palace” near Windsor Castle on the outskirts of London; the BBC points out that the past is the place where the royal family members are far away from the dust, Harry, Megan and son Archie lives here to avoid the sneak peek of the outside world.

However, according to the newly released “Monarch Grant” report from Buckingham Palace, the cost of the renovation of the “Floor House” was as high as 2.4 million pounds. In addition to the planned opening of the five separate houses, it was restored to a large villa and the ceiling was renovated. Floor, new bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

The reorganization was approved by the Queen and the money was paid by the taxpayer. According to previous reports, the new homes of Harry and Megan are estimated to cost up to 3 million pounds. The representatives of the two denied this claim, pointing out that the cost would not exceed £1.5 million. However, due to the unfinished reconstruction, the estimated cost is more than 2.4 million pounds.

Harry and Megan’s assistant pointed out that any expenses beyond the budget would be paid for by the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. The royal family also stressed that “Floor Court Moore Palace” has been renovated before being merged with Harry and Megan, and it will be the only residence of Harry and Megan.

After the news was exposed, the civil society “Republic”, which advocated the abolition of the royal family, called on Congress to investigate the royal expenses. However, the official pointed out that the British royal family expenses seem to be huge, but the average share of the taxpayers, not expensive, each contributed only 1.24 pounds.

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