Ma Guoming

In the previous days, Xu Zhi’an and Huang Xinying’s derailment led to the city’s storms. At that time, Huang Xinying’s boyfriend, Ma Guoming, became one of the biggest victims. After more than two months, the “safety incident” has gradually faded over time, and Ma Guoming, one of the parties. On Thursday (27th), when attending the propaganda campaign of the TV series “White Strongman”, he misunderstood the name of Xinying. After the reaction, he showed a bit awkward look. Is it because of the feeling?

When Ma Guoming was interviewed by Rubik’s Cube and other electronic media, he was asked when Ma’s love scene with Li Jiaxin was in the White Strongman. Ma Guoming responded: “In fact, I am concentric. Ying!” He immediately reacted and revealed a few embarrassed expressions, and immediately corrected: “The same poetry (Tang Shizhen), Ali is a slap in the drama.” Some netizens questioned his feelings about Huang Xinying, but How the truth believes is only clear to the parties.

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