trump trade war

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Washington and China are holding trade talks, but stressed that all agreements need to benefit the United States.

Trump told the media that the US-China negotiators have already negotiated by telephone and will meet. He believes that the two countries have a great chance to reach an agreement. He believes that China’s negotiating position has begun to be similar to that of Washington, and that China has a “clear advantage” in the long-term trade with the United States, so trade agreements need to ensure their own advantages.

Trump held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan on Saturday (June 29). The two sides agreed to restart the economic and trade consultations between the two countries. Trump also decided not to increase tariffs on existing Chinese goods during the negotiations between the Chinese and American teams. China also agreed to purchase a large amount of US agricultural products.

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