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Johnson Hou Junwei debates and demonstrates determination on Brexit

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The British Prime Minister’s election campaign entered the final stage, with former foreign minister Boris Johnson ranking up with current foreign minister Jeremy Hunt. When they attended the British “Telegraph” forum on Monday (8th), they both expressed their determination on the Brexit issue and hoped to get support from the Conservative Party members.

Johnson and Hou Junwei have a tit-for-tat on a number of issues, and the most concerned about them is the statement of the two people in the UK. Many analysts believe that the Brexit position will influence whether they can win the confidence of party members and become the dividing line of this election.

The 55-year-old Johnson is regarded as the “Buddhist flag bearer” and insists that Britain must leave the European Union before the end of October 2019. He threatened to speak at the forum on Monday. If he succeeded in entering the 10th Downing Street, he would restore the British “magic power” and laughed that if he could not leave the European Union before the end of October, the Conservative Party members would open him.

Hou Junwei, who has always been regarded as a milder position in Brexit, trying to show a tough side, in the forum, referring to himself as a tough negotiator, not a “Mr Nice Guy.” He also criticized that it was a stupid decision to mess everything up only to meet the deadline of October 31.

The current polls show that Johnson has a leading position in this election. The “Telegraph” announced on Monday that ComRes’s opinion polls also showed that the respondents believed that Hou Junwei was a better prime minister candidate, but for the Conservative Party and Brexit, Johnson was a better leader.

The Conservative Party has already sent votes to some 160,000 members of the country. The vote will end on July 22 and the results will be announced the following day (23rd).

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