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Queen Elizabeth II has reached the age of 93, and the outside world has heard her voice from time to time. Phil Dampier, a British royal expert, estimates that the Queen may decentralize within two years, at the age of 95, and cite the 1937 Regency Law to transfer power to Prince Charles, leaving the monarch himself. title.

Dampier believes that the Queen of England may refer to the Regency Law at the age of 95, giving Charles the power to perform the duties of the monarch. She will still be the Queen, but Charles will actually take over most of the duties.

The speculation is similar to Robert Jobson, a senior royal reporter who is also a royal expert. Jobson said in October 2018 that the Queen of England would decentralize at the age of 95 and let Charles be the regent.

He pointed out on Sunday (7th) that the Queen of England has seriously considered decentralization and hopes to ensure a seamless transition when the time is right. Buckingham Palace is also accelerating speed in related areas.

The Regency Act of 1937 allowed the monarch to hand over power to the successor when he believed that he was unable to perform his functions adequately. For the last reference to the Regency Law, it was counted that in 1810, after the illness of George III, the Crown Prince ruled on behalf of the Regent.

In fact, all indications are that Charles has taken over some of his responsibilities, including attending the opening ceremony of the Congress and the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM). However, there are also voices in the UK that the Queen of England should “skip” Charles and pass it directly to Prince William, who is more popular.

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