Wang Zhenhua

Wang Zhenhua, former chairman of Xincheng Holdings, a mainland real estate listed company, was suspected of being a 9-year-old girl at a hotel in Shanghai and was detained by the local police. Shanghai Putuo District Procuratorate on Wednesday (10th) arrested Wang Zhenhua and a Zhou surnamed woman in connection with the crime of alleged defamation.

With the investigation of the case, the mainland media quoted the people of Wang Zhenhua’s hometown as saying that the girl was fascinated by the ecstasy and thought that this would make the family prosper. In addition, although local folk rumors that Zhou and Mr. Feng Shui set up a bureau to frame Wang Zhenhua, but were refuted by Zhou women.

Shanghai Putuo police recently reported that after Wang Zhenhua and Zhou’s alleged defamation of children, the Putuo Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to carry out investigations.

The police revealed that Ms. Wang, the mother of the victim girl, reported on Sunday (June 30) that she had taken her daughter from her hometown in Jiangsu to Shanghai and stayed at a hotel in the city. Her daughter was shackled in the room. On the following day, Wang Zhenhua was taken by the Shanghai police for compulsory measures. Zhou female surrendered to the police last Tuesday (2nd). The police are currently conducting further investigations into the case.

Internet users questioned the need to help the poor girls

According to the domestic media “New Beijing News” report, Zhou Nuo is Wang Zhenhua’s mistress, and many local residents in Changzhou have said that they have already heard about their love affairs. It is reported that Wang Zhenhua is a girl because she believes in Feng Shui and believes that this will make the family prosper.

In addition, Wang Zhenhua has participated in the creation of a public welfare brand called the “Seven Colors Project”. The project is dedicated to nurture, nurture and educate young people in poor areas. After the incident was exposed, some netizens questioned Wang Zhenhua’s involvement in the process of participating in the project and the rural girls.

It is understood that after Wang Zhenhua was criminally detained by the Shanghai police, the chairman of the new city holding group was replaced by his 31-year-old son Wang Xiaosong. On the Internet, Wang Zhenhua was once circulated as a son, and his father and son competed. The relevant person in charge of the New Town Holding Group pointed out that the above statements are all rumors.

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