German Chancellor Angela Merkel greeted the visiting Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on July 11th in Berlin, and sat down to watch the ceremony while playing the national anthem. I believe it is to avoid further People saw her trembling.

According to the usual practice, the leader should stand at the welcoming ceremony, but this time Merkel asked for a special seat on the day before the welcoming ceremony. Some media speculated that this move may cause a sudden shock throughout the standing period when Merkel met the Finnish Prime Minister, Antti Rinne, at the same location on Wednesday (10th). She explained afterwards that this may be caused by psychological problems, and said that she is very good and everyone needs to worry.

A similar situation occurred twice in June, raising concerns about Merkel’s health status. Many local media speculated that Merkel frequently experienced trembling, possibly due to dehydration, anxiety, stress or overwork. It has been reported that Merkel is a famous “workaholic” who has held marathon meetings overnight and will inevitably affect his health.

When Merkel received the Danish Prime Minister Fraser Riksen, he did not show any physical discomfort and nodded and smiled from time to time. On the same day, she accepted the interview and said that she is in a good condition. People don’t have to worry, but I admit that I will have to live with it for a while.

She continued, she is about to be 65 years old, I will not become younger, but I am more and more experienced (Im not getting younger, but maybe more experienced). Merkel will celebrate his birthday on the 17th.

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