The Ukrainian parliamentary election was released on Tuesday (22nd). The latest results show that the Servant of the People Party, led by the new two-month president, Volodymyr Zelensky, won 42.35% of the votes and became the largest party in Congress. Zelensky officially shoulders strong public opinion and decides the fate of Ukrainians in the next few years.

The Netflix documentary “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” released in 2015 (the war of the winter: Ukraine fights for freedom) has received much attention from Hong Kong people this month. The pro-European revolutionary movement that erupted in the capital of Kiev in 2014 lost a heavy blood price and eventually forced the pro-Russian government to step down. In 2019, after the election of the elected pro-European-professional President Petro Poroshenko for five years, Ukraine remained turbulent, the economic dilemma remained, and Poroshenko’s popularity was lost.

As a result, comedian Zelensky “fake the show” and become the new president this year. Although it is a political white paper, his pro-European position, commitment to eliminate state corruption, and weakening the oligarchy have succeeded in gaining popular support. Ukrainians who have always played a tragic role, hope that the country can return to the right track under the leadership of “Laughing President” and re-hang a sincere smile on his face.

Politically successful people

As a result of the congressional elections released this week, Zelensky led the ruling party to victory, and hopes to become the first strong government since the independence of Ukraine in 1991. In addition, in addition to the success of the newly formed political party servant party, another new pro-European political party voice (Voice) led by rock singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk also won the fifth place in Congress with a vote of 6.3%. Big party. According to European media analysis, the results of the congressional elections show that nearly 70% of the members of Congress are “new faces”, meaning that Ukrainian institutional politics in the next few years will be dominated by political primers.

This reflects the Ukrainian people’s great need to “change” and “innovation”. It is hoped that the new leadership will lead Ukraine to a difficult situation.

Since Zelensky took office in May, he immediately released his pro-European position. When he took office, he visited Germany and France, and exerted pressure on Russia through the investigation of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 missing accident and the international arrest warrant announced by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at the end of June. The relationship is getting worse. Zelensky’s obvious “pro-European far-off” position is in fact consistent with the protesters’ claims in the pro-EU revolution in 2014.

Well, this reflects a problem: pro-EU demonstrators five years ago have come to one of the main demands of the present – joining the EU, still not real.

Russian factor that can’t get rid of

In fact, former President Poroshenko has been in power for five years from 2014 to this year and has tried to gradually improve relations with Western European countries. Ukrainians, especially those living in the west, have a mainstream public opinion that wants to join the European Union and share the glory with the rich neighbors of the West – this is already the primary appeal in 2014.

However, Poroshenko’s administration can only make Ukraine a little closer to the EU, but it has been bounced away from Moscow because of its deliberate political spectrum. This kind of rebound is reflected in the people’s livelihood.

Due to historical factors, the relationship between the Ukrainian economy and Russia has been broken. Whether it is a large public or private enterprise engaged in the energy, raw materials and food industry, or a small and medium-sized private enterprise, its trading, import and export are closely related to Russia. The Moscow authorities naturally firmly adhere to the lifeline of Ukraine’s industrial chain. Ukrainian high-end employment opportunities are gradually losing, the economy has been under control and has not developed, and the national income level has remained low for a long time.

In the real estate market, they also lost the trust of Russian investors, so they would rather choose to put funds into other Eastern European countries to hedge. The last bitter fruit is naturally that Ukraine loses the seeds of sound economic growth. The process of entering the European Union has not progressed, and Poroshenko was punished by public opinion in the election.

Indeed, the nature of Ukraine’s deep influence from Russia and the economic gap between Ukraine itself and other EU member states have added obstacles to the process of entering the EU. As long as Zelensky and his think tank can surpass this trap placed in Ukraine, the former convenience is a straight road.

Romanticism has surpassed reality?

Looking at the political situation in Ukraine in recent years, although Zelensky is in a good situation, it is also a public opinion paradox. To put it simply, his coming to power is based on Zelensky’s romantic sentiment based on the feelings of the people entering Europe and fighting corruption. In the political comedy “People’s Public Servant”, Zelensky is the “civilian hero” who ordered this for the people.

But it must be known that Zelensky and his people’s public servants have the greatest power in history. It is time to do something practical.

After all, the real world is much more complicated than fictional drama. If he still regarded himself as an actor and failed to show a suitable political strategy in front of the voters, Zelensky would only be another Poroshenko. The shift of public opinion can push people to the peak of their political career, and it can also pull people down from the peak.

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