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After several rounds of fierce competition, the British Conservative Party leader and the new Prime Minister candidate were officially released on July 23, and former British foreign minister Boris Johnson is expected to win. He is often referred to as the British version. Trump.

Johnson is expected to win

The voting for the election of the British Conservative Party leader was closed at 5 pm local time on July 22, after which the Conservative Party immediately began counting the votes of 160,000 party members. The election results are expected to be announced after 11 am local time on the 23rd.

At around 5 pm local time on the 23rd, the new British Prime Minister will give his first speech at 10 Downing Street and will be appointed to the cabinet later that day. The current Prime Minister, Theresa May, will participate in the last “Prime Minister Q&A” on the same day.

Wen Cuishan will also attend the last parliamentary question and answer session on the 24th, after which he will return to the Prime Minister’s Office to collect the items, and then officially resign to the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. Before leaving for Buckingham Palace, she will deliver a farewell speech at Downing Street.

The leader of the New Conservative Party will then meet with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace and be appointed as the new prime minister and to form a new government, officially entering Downing Street.

Polls show that Johnson’s support among Conservative Party members is 60%, leading significantly. The current foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt, is likely to succeed Wen Cuishan, becoming the first prime minister in British history to be elected by a single political party member, not by a member of parliament or by all voters.

“Johnson is expected to be the winner,” AFP said that the Conservative Party poll showed that Johnson’s support rate was 73%. British bookmakers opened the market, and Hou Junwei’s chance of winning was only one-fifth.

The biggest crisis is that the most urgent crisis in Brexit is Iran.

Reuters said that when the new British prime minister entered the 10th Downing Street on the 24th, the situation in front of him was still as almost a solution to the problem as Wen Cuishan was: the deadlock. Johnson has promised that regardless of whether a new agreement can be reached with the EU, the UK will leave before the October 31 deadline. This makes him face the tough Brexit challenge from the moment he takes office.

Johnson wrote on the 21st in the British “Daily Telegraph” As long as there is the determination of the United States to land on the moon in the 1960s, it can solve technical problems such as the “Backstop” of the Irish border in the Brexit issue. This issue has now become one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the long Brexit negotiations. Johnson said, “What we need now are willpower and motivation.”

Regarding Johnson’s tough attitude, the EU insists that it will not resume negotiations with the UK on the Brexit agreement. In addition, due to concerns that Johnson’s insistence on “hard Brexit” may bring huge risks to the UK, the British financial phase Xia Wenda (Philip Hammond) and Minister of Justice Guo Dazhen(David Gauke) announced on the 21st that they will resign once Johnson wins.

At the same time, the Iranian issue is also a big problem for the new British prime minister. “The biggest crisis that Johnson will face is Brexit, but the most urgent crisis he faces is Iran.” The British “Observer” quoted an exclusive interview with former Admiral West Lord on the 22nd, saying that Britain and Iran detained each other. The crisis of the tanker is developing rapidly. No matter who is the new prime minister, the first thing after taking office is to solve this crisis. He said that since the eyes of British politicians are focused on the election of the new Prime Minister and the issue of Brexit, the crisis with Iran is easily overlooked, and there is a real risk of miscalculation or stupidity that leads to war.

“British is on the wrong road,” German News TV said on the 22nd that Britain may choose Johnson as the new prime minister. This is because Johnson tried to show the country’s toughness like US President Donald Trump. But the British have forgotten the reality. They still live in the dream of the British Empire, but they don’t know that Britain and the world have changed. The UK will fall very badly in the future.

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