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The South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters said that North Korea launched two short-range missiles in the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula in Yushan City on July 25. The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is likely to watch the launching process on the spot. South Korean officials also pointed out that one of them was suspected of a new design, flying about 690 kilometers.

South Korean officials pointed out that one missile flew about 430 kilometers and the other about 690 kilometers. The latter was suspected of a newly designed missile. Both missiles have a flying height of about 50 kilometers.

The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that North Korea’s move will not help ease the military tension on the peninsula and urge the DPRK to stop. The South Korean and US military will further analyze the information on North Korea’s projectiles. The department stressed that the government will strengthen surveillance against the DPRK based on the cooperation between the ROK and the US. Close communication.

Regarding whether to regard North Korea’s move as a provocative act, Defense Ministry spokesman Cui Xianyu said that the authorities would regard it as a military threat and also hinder the relaxation of tension on the Korean peninsula.

South Korea’s Qingwatai Deputy Spokesperson Han Zhengyou pointed out that after the president’s test of missiles in North Korea, he received a report from the National Security Office. Qingwatai is closely monitoring and controlling the situation through the crisis management system of the National Security Office.

Yonhap News Agency reported that the South Korean authorities will hold a meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Security Council (NSC) on the afternoon of the same day. There are also opinions within Cheong Wa Dae that the Wenyu may hold a National Security Council plenary meeting or staff meeting depending on the follow-up situation.

The South Korean Joint Staff said that North Korea launched two flying objects in the eastern city of Yuanshan at 5:34 and 5:57 in the morning. Yonhap News Agency quoted the Joint Staff Headquarters as saying that Kim Jong-un has publicly appeared in the vicinity recently and is paying close attention to its movements, which means that Kim Jong-un is likely to visit the site.

Kyodo News reported that the missiles launched by North Korea did not pose a threat to national security. The News Agency reported that the Japanese Defense Minister felt “very regrettable” about North Korea’s launch of flying objects.

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