evil girlfriends

Couples in a relationship, if there is any move to communicate with other heterosexuals, the vinegar jar may be overturned, which may have unintended consequences. Recently, the United States online rumored a fierce girlfriend to teach her boyfriend’s film, a woman on the plane suspected that her boyfriend was stealing other girls, but the vinegar was so strong that she picked up the laptop at hand and slammed it on her boyfriend.

According to the Sun, the violent incident occurred on a flight from American Airlines to Los Angeles. In the film, the couple originally sat in the seat and quarreled. The woman kept yelling at her boyfriend: “Are you looking at other women, are you looking at other people?” The air attendant next to him tried to persuade and said that the plane was still on the plane. There are other passengers who want the woman to be calm. She not only does not listen to the persuasion of the flight attendant, but also becomes more and more fierce. She even calls her boyfriend to “give me shut up.”

Then, in order to prevent the woman from affecting other passengers, the flight attendant asked the man to take the bag and move it to the front seat. Unexpectedly, when the boyfriend got up, the fierce woman refused to accept it, blocked the aisle from letting her boyfriend leave, and the boyfriend forced to cross. When she was out of the seat, she picked up her laptop and slammed her boyfriend’s head on the aisle. She even screamed with her fists and yelled, “Is it humiliating you?” This violent scene made the passengers around me scared. Silly, and even passengers scream, the scene is quite confusing.

Finally, the woman picked up her bag and insisted on getting off the plane. An air attendant said to her, “You will be prosecuted for attack.” The woman also replied, “Okay, it doesn’t matter.”

The woman was arrested by the police immediately after she got off the plane, but she is still not sure whether she has been charged. In response, American Airlines also issued a statement saying that law enforcement officials have been asked to help, and they will ask the police to conduct further investigations.

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