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The British “Sunday Times” reported on July 28 that opinion polls showed that after Boris Johnson took over as prime minister, the ruling Conservative Party’s support rate rose, leading the field labor party by 10 percentage points.

According to opinion polls by YouGov, the Conservative Party’s support rate was 31%, up 6 percentage points from the previous polls, and the Labor Party’s support rate rose only 2 percentage points to 21%. According to the report, this is the largest extent of the Conservative Party’s support for the leading Labor Party in the past five months, and the Conservative Party’s support rate has exceeded 30% for the first time since April.

The Liberal Democrats’ support rate fell to 20%, down 3 percentage points. The Brexit Party’s support rate, led by senior suspected Nigel Farage, fell to 13%, down 4%.

Another poll conducted by Comres Market Research Inc. (ComRes) for the Sunday Express showed that the Conservative Party’s support rate was 28%, up 3 percentage points, and only 1 percentage point ahead of the Labor Party. If the polls faithfully reflect the results of the national election, the Conservative Party will still be the biggest party, but will lose more seats, and the majority will owe 48 seats.

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