Former British Foreign Minister William Hague wrote in the British Telegraph on July 29 that the biggest challenge for the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is to complete the Brexit while preventing the United Kingdom from splitting.

Johnson said on July 29 that the old Brexit agreement was “dead” and asked the EU to abandon the bottom-up plan for renegotiation. The new foreign minister, Dominic Raab, also said that the British government is fully preparing for the non-agreement of Brexit. The analysis believes that Johnson’s push for a strong Brexit may shake the entire United Kingdom.

In the British Telegraph article, Xia Weilin pointed out that Johnson understands that Scotland and Northern Ireland are the most vulnerable part of Brexit. The slightest carelessness may lead to the split of the United Kingdom, so Johnson first visited Scotland after taking office. In such places, they have sent “gifts” such as investment plans to these places, thereby keeping the United Kingdom united and supporting his Brexit plan.

Johnson has dismissed David Mundell, the Scottish Conservative chairman’s ally and former Scottish minister, David Mundell, causing Davidson dissatisfaction. Xia Weilin pointed out that Davidson has certain popularity in Scotland and suggested that Johnson should consider her suggestions.

Xia Weilin also stressed that Johnson is determined to achieve his vision of the future of the UK, but he will not want to be the last person to lead the British government.

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