British Brexit

After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Scotland in late July, a poll showed that local voters would support the vote in the independence of Britain. This was the first time since March 2017 that the results of large-scale polls appeared.

The conservative party, Ash Ashcroft, announced the latest poll on August 5, and the 1019 Scottish people interviewed asked if they would hold an independent referendum. As a result, 46% of the respondents expressed their support for independence and there were 43% of the objections. Except for respondents who did not know or voted, the proportion of support for independence was 52%, and the decision to stay in the UK was four percentage points.

Ashcroft, who has always opposed Johnson as prime minister, said the poll was held after Johnson’s visit to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, where he held a second independent referendum and local proposition analysis. He pointed out that there are more people who tend to support independence for the first time in more than two years.

In the 2014 independent referendum, the Scottish people vetoed the British independence by 55% to 45%, but the local issue of Brexit and tension with London. In the 2016 referendum on the Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland expressed their position in Europe, which is different from England and Wales.

The Edinburgh government, controlled by the Scottish National Party (SNP), said that Brexit violated the wishes of the Scottish people and therefore considered it necessary to hold a second independent referendum.

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