Girls’ Generation

The 8 members of the Korean Girls’ Girls’ Generation, Tai Yu (Taiwan), Sunny, Tiffany, Xiaoyuan, Yuri, Xiuying, Yuner (Run Yi) and Xu Xuan, although they are developing in their respective fields, 8 people have always emphasized the group. Not disbanding, private feelings are of course very good. It coincides with the 12th anniversary of the debut of the girlhood, and the members finally fit together again, bringing up the hearts and memories of many fans.

In addition to Tiffany’s development in the United States, the other seven members have met from time to time, and will upload photos to social networking sites, feeling very good. It coincides with the 12th anniversary of the debut of the girlhood in August, and it is also the birthday of the member Tiffany. The eight people also decided to re-integrate the body again, and open a large number of friendly photos, and sent welfare to the fans. At the party, everyone cheered and celebrated. Xiuying also presented a birthday present to Tiffany. She wished her fourth personal single “Magnetic Moon” to have good results. Seeing the idols and recombining, hooked up a lot of memories of the fans, more fans found that there are 9 strawberries on the cake, guessing whether the former member Jessica is still one.

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