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The Institute of Finance and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Social Sciences Literature Publishing House jointly released the “Retirement Green Paper: China Leisure Development Report 2018-2019” in Beijing on the 5th.┬áThis report measured the ranking of China’s urban leisure index, with Shanghai, Sanya and Beijing ranking the top three.

It is reported that this “Report” is based on the urban leisure index evaluation system, from the city image and reputation, leisure space and environment, leisure economy and industry, leisure facilities and services, leisure life and consumption, and tourism attention, based on regional perspectives. Based on the calculation results of the urban leisure index, a comprehensive analysis and various sub-items were evaluated for the leisure construction of 290 cities in the Mainland.

According to calculations, the top ten cities in the urban leisure index are Shanghai, Sanya, Beijing, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Xi’an and Lhasa. Eight of them are from the eastern region and two are from the western region.

The last ten cities are Bijie, Heze, Neijiang, Dazhou, Zhoukou, Zhaotong, Guigang, Hengshui, Jieyang and Xiangyang. Four of the cities are from the east, two are from the central region, and four are from the western region.

According to the analysis of the report, from the results of the classification evaluation, the performance of the eastern region in terms of city image and reputation, as well as leisure life and consumption, is significantly better than that in the central and western regions, but in the leisure environment and space, the eastern region is at a disadvantage, North China and Central China. The area has a clear gap with other areas in terms of leisure space and environment.

In addition, the “Report” analysis said that in terms of leisure and consumption, the cities in the eastern region performed strongly. The top 12 cities were all in the eastern region. Among the top 100, 60 cities were eastern cities, accounting for 20.69% of the total participating cities.

In terms of tourism leisure attention, there are 20.34% of the eastern cities within 100, and the cities that people pay more attention to are traditional tourism strong cities or highly developed cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Zhulin. City, Dalian, etc.

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