British Airways

British Airways (British Airways) on August 7 due to computer system failure, nearly 100 flights have to be temporarily canceled, in London, Heath Road and other airports, there are a large number of passengers stranded, the airport has a long queue.

Computer system failures affected boarding services, causing British Airways to cancel nearly 100 flights, including 81 flights to and from London Heathrow Airport and 10 flights to and from London’s Gatwick Airport, affecting 15,000 passengers. There are more than 200 flight delays.

British Airways apologized to the passengers and said the technical team is working hard to fix the system, calling on passengers to reserve extra time to wait at the airport. The airline also said that passengers who were supposed to take short-haul flights on the same day could re-book other days.

The event affected many passengers. At the Heathrow Airport in London, there was a long queue of people at the British Airways counter.

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