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US National Security Adviser John Bolton arrived in London on August 11 for a two-day visit. It is expected that in addition to talking about Brexit, the UK will be urged to take a tough stance on Iran and Huawei.

Reuters reported that due to the UK’s upcoming Brexit, the UK will increasingly rely on the United States, and it is expected that Bolton will focus on the issue of Brexit and consolidate relations between the two countries.

It is expected that Bolton will urge British officials to adopt a more consistent policy of the Republic of China on the Iran issue. The report quoted a senior US government official as saying that Bolton will argue with the UK that if the UK recognizes that the Iranian Nuclear Agreement is dead, it will help put pressure on Iran.

US officials also revealed that Bolton will reiterate President Trump’s tough stance on Huawei and ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson to avoid using Huawei equipment. He will propose to the British side that Huawei is one of the Chinese government departments, and Huawei’s hardware may monitor communications through its systems.

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