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US National Security Adviser John Bolton visited the UK and met with a number of officials on August 12, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He mentioned that British officials will re-examine whether to allow Huawei to participate in 5G construction.

CNN reported that Bolton stated his position: “I think (even if there is no agreement to leave the EU), as long as it is the decision of the British government, we will support it enthusiastically. This is exactly the message I want to convey: you and me. Concentric, you and me are united.”

Bolton said, “Maintaining America’s strong position in the world depends on a strong US economy,” which is described as the purpose of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

Bolton clearly pointed out that while the United Kingdom is focusing on the “death issue” of the Brexit, the United States has a strong willingness to finally discuss the two issues with the United Kingdom on the table: Iran and the United Kingdom from the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to purchase 5G equipment.

Bolton said that the senior British officials in the meeting told the Johnson Administration that it would “review from the beginning” whether the UK 5G construction should use Huawei technology or products, suggesting that it would overturn the decision of former Prime Minister Theresa May to use some of Huawei’s participation in 5G construction. .

Bolton said: “(The senior British officials who met) pointed out that the United Kingdom is now really starting to look at Huawei from the starting point. They are very concerned and believe that there is no safe concession in the 5G telecommunications space. Their original words are “we are very Willing to review this issue and make a definitive decision, the UK is also very concerned about the security of 5G communication networks.”

A British government spokesman said that a thorough, fact-based and rational assessment of companies in the 5G supply chain is being carried out to ensure the security and resiliency of the 5G construction process, and that these two points are crucial for the UK telecommunications network. The British statement subtly adds flexibility, but in fact, Huawei has left room for preservation in the UK’s 5G construction.

The White House official website said that Johnson had just joined Trang on August 12, and Trump thanked the UK for “joining and unswervingly facing the global threat.” Bolton said at the press conference that this is the second time or the sixth call with Trump, which is 20 days after Johnson entered the 10th Downing Street on July 24th. The two also plan to be on August 24th. On the 26th, a meeting will be held at the G7 Leaders Summit in France.

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