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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson traveled to Europe on August 21 to start talks in Brexit. He first came to Berlin to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, emphasizing the need to replace the “Backstop”. Merkel said that it is expected to achieve a solution to the Northern Ireland border within 30 days.

Johnson announced at a joint press conference that the UK hopes for a quick Brexit agreement, but stressed that the undemocratic “bottom plan” must be completely removed to prevent a non-agreement of Brexit before the October 31 deadline. He pointed out that there is a “sufficient scope” to reach a new Brexit agreement, but at the same time he acknowledges that the British side has the responsibility to propose a viable alternative to the “bottom solution”.

Merkel told Johnson that the “Bottom Solution” has always been a backup option. “People have been saying that they may find a solution within two years. But we can also find a solution in the next 30 days. Why not?” Reuters reported It is said that Merkel’s statement may reflect her intention to compromise with Johnson.

She continued, hoping that the UK would first propose a plan and would listen to its plans, and that Europe would aim to maintain the integrity of a single market. She pointed out that they managed to discuss and solve problems in the EU through imagination. She believed that Johnson could also find a way here and stressed that it would be a task.

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