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Bolton reminds Ukraine: Beware of Beijing’s “debt diplomacy”

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US National Security Adviser John Bolton visited Ukraine on August 28 to meet with the country’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and officials and reminded the authorities to take care of China’s influence on China’s acquisition of a local aircraft engine company. .

During Bolton’s attendance at the press conference, when a reporter asked about China’s acquisition of the Russian Motor Sich, he said that he did not want to discuss individual transactions, and that the transaction involved the sovereignty of the Ukrainian government.

Bolton mentioned Washington’s worries that he saw China’s trade practices and threats to national security in the United States, indicating that Washington did not support the deal. He also reminded Ukraine to avoid being involved in the whirlpool of Beijing’s “debt diplomacy.” Officials from the two countries also discussed the possibility of having Ukrainian and U.S. heads of state meet in Poland as soon as possible.

Ukrainian Siqi Engine Company, one of the world’s largest aircraft engine manufacturers, is now seeking the approval of the Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee to sell its controlling stake to Chinese companies Tianjiao Aviation and Xinwei Group. However, the Wall Street Journal reported on the 23rd that the acquisition transaction plan has been suspended.

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