Elections were held in Saxony and Brandenburg in eastern Germany on September 1. The two popular polls showed that the far-right “AfD” was promoted to the second largest party in Germany.

The German Broadcasting (ARD) export poll pointed out that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is still the largest party in Saxony, with a 32% vote, but a 7.4 percentage point drop from the previous 2014 election. The second-place alternative party vote was 27.5%, which greatly exceeded the previous election’s 9.7%.

According to the export polling data of Brandenburg, the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) has a vote rate of 27.5%, which is still the largest party in the region. As for the Alternative Party, it ranks second with 24.5%.

Alexander Gauland, one of the alternative party leaders, said the party was satisfied with the elections in Saxony and Brandenburg, and that its party had punished conservatives such as Angela Merkel.

Reuters reported that the election of the Alternative Party in the two places has increased significantly, and followed the CDU Social Democratic Party (SPD), which has caused the ruling coalition led by Merkel to be hit.

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