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On Tuesday (September 3), British Prime Minister Johnson suffered a setback in the House of Commons. 21 Conservative Party members, including many former cabinet members, turned their backs and made Congress succeed in “taking power” and grabbing the decision from the government. On Wednesday (September 4th), the motion “forcing Johnson to abandon the Brexit” will be proposed. After Johnson failed, he said he would seek an early election and kick the sorcerer, including the grandson of Churchill, out of the Conservative Party.

Congress gave Johnson the “down”

September 3 is the first day of the resumption of the National Assembly after the summer vacation. Because Johnson had previously mobilized royal privileges, forcing Congress to start a nearly five-week recess on a certain day between September 9 and September 12, until October 14, disguised the Congress to stop his “no.” The agreement is on the verge of Brexit. All the members of the parliament are grappling their hands and want to “make down” to Johnson.

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons who once accused Johnson of committing “constitutional atrocities,” allowed the parliament to conduct an urgent debate, and then some members passed the debate to “take the power to decide on the September 4th agenda.” This is actually a violation of Congressional practice, but the purpose of Bai Gaohan is: If you only follow the convention, nothing will change, but things will change.

At least 14 conservative Party moderates have indicated that they will turn their backs before the meeting. Johnson, who had canceled the meeting with them beforehand, first threatened to “retract the party whip” (in the same way as the Conservative Party), and later issued the message “If the Congress succeeded in winning the election, the election was advanced”, forcing the moderates to be in the “Labor Party.” Choose between the possibility of coming to power and the acquiescence of no agreement to leave Europe. However, these tough methods have made the moderates more determined, so that Johnson had to rush to meet them on September 3, hoping to convince the latter that there is no agreement to leave the EU is his “negotiation strategy”, and he is actively negotiating with the EU.

However, Johnson’s personal lobbying failed to convince this group of conservative moderates. During his speech in Congress, a Conservative Party member crossed the congressional center and sat in the position of the Liberal Democratic Party, causing the Conservative Party to lose a majority of its Congress. Since then, there have been 21 Conservative Party members who have turned their backs and voted 328 votes in favor of 301 votes. They officially won the decision on the agenda. On September 4th, the motion of “forced Johnson to be abducted from Brexit” will be proposed.

The Conservative Party’s chaos was kicked away.

The party’s chaos caused by Johnson’s tough Brexit route can be seen from the tragic figures. The group, known as the “Rebel Alliance”, includes the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, former Justice Minister David Gauke, etc. – they have never voted since they entered the parliament. The opposition party’s leadership position has given their “first time” this time. At the same time, even the “father of the House of Commons” (the longest member of the term), Ken Clarke, became a “traitor”. Kick out the Conservative Party.

More interestingly, Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames, is also among the “traitors” and will be kicked out of the Conservative Party. After he turned his back, he admitted that his grandfather might not have thought that his grandson would be kicked out of the Conservative Party. He even said with a sensibility: “The chief party whip has told me that he is my friend and I always like him. – He has the responsibility to inform me tomorrow to take back my party whip. This year is my 37th year as a member of the Conservative Party. This is the price of war. I know what I have done.”

Johnson published a biography he wrote for Churchill in 2014. In his introduction, he said: “When I was growing up, there was no doubt that Churchill was the greatest politician in Britain’s history.” I don’t know what Johnson has become the Conservative Party to bring Churchill’s blood to the Conservative Party.

Johnson’s dilemma

However, seeing the resurgence of the congressional battle on September 4th, Johnson is hard to think about his “Chuegir sentiment”. Although Johnson is expected to release the Congress in accordance with the 2011 Regular Congress Act and advance the election in mid-October, the vote must be passed by two-thirds of the members, but the Labour Party leader, Jeremy, who has always wanted to win the election by the election. Corbyn, after meeting with the opposition parties on the 3rd, has decided to postpone the move to leave the European Union before supporting the early election.

Although Johnson indicated that if the motion to abolish the Brexit was passed, his government would comply, but the motion must be sent to the House of Lords for consideration even if it passed the House of Commons. If Johnson insists on his unrestrained route, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not “please” the suspects of the House of Lords to carry out the parliamentary rabu, delaying to the next recess, so that the bill will not end.

Johnson at the moment is in a dilemma. If he insists on obstructing the bill to leave the European Union, the Labor Party will not support the motion of early elections, interrupt Johnson’s calculations by counter-attacking the Congress, or even form a distrust vote with the parties to drive Johnson out of No. 10 Downing Street. The Prime Minister’s Office, which forms the transitional government, “settles the chaos anyway”, first proposes to the European Union to postpone the Brexit, and then decides whether to pre-election, hold a second referendum, or accept a Brexit agreement including the “Backstop” of the Irish border.

However, if Johnson acquiesced in admitting the passage of the Brexit bill, he could exchange for the election in advance, but he promised to “go off the European Union, and not die, no, no, but no promise” will be lost, plus the Brexit Party ( Brexit Party seems to be contending with Johnson with the extreme position of “only seeking a non-official Brexit”, and the Conservative Party has lost the support of moderate voters and pro-European voters. The Conservative Party election in mid-October, politely, is really “It’s hard to be optimistic.”

Under the dilemma, if there is no miracle, and Johnson has no other amazing tricks, he may be forced to leave the post within the month, carrying the crimes of “destroying the British constitutional government” and “dividing the Conservative Party” and becoming the shortest British term in history. prime minister. Johnson’s political means, more than dramatic, went to the brink of the farce.

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