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US media Politico reported on September 6 that the White House supported Congress’s motion to ban the use of federal funds to purchase Chinese-made buses and trains.

Politico said that the Trump administration supports the relevant legislation, which is more biased towards the Senate’s draft version, which prohibits the procurement of Chinese-made buses and trains. The scope of the House of Representatives only advocates prohibiting the purchase of Chinese-made trains.

The Wall Street Journal reported on July 23 that the US Congress plans to ban the use of federal funds to purchase Chinese-made buses and railcars to protect US industries from competitors subsidized by the Chinese government, but this has the opportunity to undermine the two countries. Trade negotiations.

Proponents of the motion believe that shots, position trackers and other equipment on Chinese-made buses and rail cars may provide monitoring and strategic information to the Chinese government. California Democrat Harley Rouda said the bill is in the national interest to ensure that the United States has a developmental train and bus industry and protects it from spying and vandalism in public transport systems.

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