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British Prime Minister Johnson once again vetoed a pre-election in Congress and passed a motion requesting the government to disclose the relevant assessment documents without a Brexit, but Johnson once again stressed that it will not extend the EU’s extension of the Brexit deadline.

The last day of the offensive and defensive of the British Parliament before the adjournment of the meeting, Prime Minister Johnson once again moved to advance elections, but was vetoed by a large ratio. The motion was supported by 293 votes, far below the 434-point threshold required to be supported by two-thirds of all members.

Labour Party leader Hao Erbin reiterated that although they are eager for general elections, the government must ensure that it will not be forced to leave the EU, otherwise it will not support early elections.

At the same time, the House of Commons passed the relevant assessment documents requiring the government to disclose the non-Agreement of Brexit, as well as private communications between officials on the suspension of parliamentary decisions.

The British Parliament will be adjourned on September 10 and will not resume until October 14. Congress has already passed the blockade of the hard Brexit bill, and it has been signed by the Queen of England. The bill requires Johnson to request the EU to postpone the Brexit at the latest on the 19th.

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