european central bank

The European Central Bank announced the results of the interest rate meeting, announced that the deposit convenience rate will be reduced to minus 0.5%, while restarting quantitative easing (QE), starting from November 1 this year, buying 20 billion euros of bonds each month.

After the central bank announced the decision, the peripheral stocks, foreign exchange and gold market did not see much volatility. The UK’s FTSE 100 index was up at 7350.5 points, up 0.17%. The German DAX index was up at 12375 points, up 0.13%. The French CAC index was 5644.9 points, up 0.48%.

The euro was moving downwards. The euro was the latest at 1.0975, down slightly by 0.3%. The euro against the pound was the latest at 0.8903, which also fell slightly by 0.3%. The gold price was last reported at $1512, up 1%.

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