The Brexit issue remains unresolved. David Cameron, the former prime minister who decided to hold the referendum in 2016, said on September 13 that the local government may need to hold another referendum in the Brexit, hoping to break the stagnation.

The Times published an exclusive interview with Cameron on the 13th before the release of the memoirs, saying that the Brexit was a “bad result” in the absence of an agreement. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid it. He said that the second referendum may be among them. An option.

Cameron said that the Brexit referendum is one of the possibilities of getting out of the dilemma, but stressed that he is not asking the government to implement certain measures, but should not rule out ways to solve the problem. He was very worried about the situation after the British. He stressed that he had always had the responsibility to hold a referendum, so he could renegotiate the relationship between Britain and the EU.

This is the first time Cameron has been interviewed since the fall of the 2016 referendum. He also talked about the party member and current Prime Minister Boris Johnson who decided to vote for the Conservative Party members who voted against the government to force the Congress to adjour. The case requires a review of the decision of the adjournment decision. Cameron expressed support for these two behaviors, and criticized Johnson and other Brexit people for burying the truth during the referendum.

On the same day, Johnson said on the other occasion that the new framework for the Brexit agreement has been formed. He will arrive at the Luxembourg and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier on the 16th. Meet and be cautiously optimistic about the agreement that can be reached. However, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said there is still a lot of disagreement between the UK and the EU.

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