After the British Supreme Court ruled on September 24 that Prime Minister Johnson had forced the parliament to adjourn the law, Johnson in New York responded that he strongly disagreed with the verdict but would respect it. Both Reuters and Sky News reported that Johnson would not resign. He will end his trip in New York early and fly back to the UK.

Johnson said that he strongly disagrees the court’s decision, but will respect it. He said, “I have the highest respect for the judicial system, but I don’t think it is the right decision.”

He also said that he still strives to leave the EU on October 31. “The main thing now is that we have to continue and leave the European Union on October 31.” He said that many people want to stop Brexit.

British media: Johnson will not resign

Reuters and Sky News reporter Sam Coates quoted sources from Downing Street as saying that Johnson would not resign, but would end his trip in New York early, and after a speech at the UN meeting in the afternoon, he would fly back to the UK. , meeting with the cabinet.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom made a judgment on September 24, which hit the Johnson Administration. The House of Commons will be reopened on Wednesday. Many members of the opposition party have asked Johnson to step down.

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