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Johnson will announce the ultimate Brexit program: the establishment of two borders to deal with Ireland

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British Prime Minister Johnson will announce the final Brexit plan submitted to the EU on October 2, and said that if Brussels does not accept the plan, London will not continue negotiations and will leave the European Union on October 31.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Johnson will present details of the ultimate Brexit programme at the end of the Conservative Party’s speech. According to the speech, Johnson pointed out that after three and a half years, the people began to feel that they were treated as idiots and began to suspect that some people in the country did not want to achieve Brexit. He stressed that it is necessary to leave the European Union on October 31 and let the UK move forward in 2020.

The Telegraph reports that Johnson’s ultimate Brexit program will accept regulatory borders in the Irish Sea between the UK and Northern Ireland over the next four years, and in Ulster and Ireland. Set up customs inspections.

The plan means that Northern Ireland will remain in the EU’s single market until 2025, but will leave the EU’s single market with the rest of the UK. Four years later, the Northern Ireland Parliament has the power to decide whether to stay in the EU or to follow the rules of the UK.

The program is expected to face strong opposition from the Irish government, and other EU countries will also question the plan’s violation of the Good Friday Agreement and the integrity of the single market.

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