After the private letter of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan (Duchess of Sussex) was publicized in February, Megan entered the British tabloid. Prince Harry issued a statement on October 1 to protect his wife. He said that he and Megan faced “cruel media” and had to take legal action. He even mentioned the mother Princess Diana, saying, “I lost my mother. Now I see my wife becoming the victim of the same powerful force.”

The letter was a personal letter from Megan to her father, Thomas Markle. In February of this year, Megan’s father accepted the visit to The Mail on Sunday and the letter was made public.

Prince Harry issued a statement on the official website on October 1st that he and his wife believed in media freedom and objective and true reports, but unfortunately, Megan has become the latest victim of a British tabloid. He accused the newspaper of taking the content of Megan’s personal letter out of context and misleading the reader.

Harry described the newspaper as launching an individual-oriented campaign that has been escalated during the past year, when Megan was pregnant and even greeted by newborns.

The article pointed out that until now, a series of erroneous reports can no longer be clarified. These reports appear even every few hours, so they have to take legal action.

Harry also said that he witnessed the pain of his wife, and his deepest fear was to see history repeat itself. “I have seen how my loved ones are commoditized and not regarded as real people. I lost my mother, and now I see my wife becoming the victim of the same powerful power.”

Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, suffered a serious car accident in a tunnel in France on August 31, 1997, to avoid paparazzi tracking. She was eventually injured and died at the age of 36.

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