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Trump calls Xi Jinping in June to investigate the issue of Biden and Hong Kong demonstrations

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US President Donald Trump’s “Tong Umen” continued to ferment. After he asked the Ukrainian government to investigate the former vice president Joe Biden, he publicly called on the Chinese government to investigate on October 3. According to US media reports, Trump had already filed a request with Chinese President Xi Jinping as early as June, and at the same time it was linked to trade demonstrations and Hong Kong’s anti-revision demonstrations.

The US Cable News Network (CNN) quoted two sources on the 3rd as saying that the US and Chinese heads of state had talked on June 18, during which they talked about two potential opponents of the 2020 US presidential election, Biden and Democratic Senator Wo. Elizabeth Warren and Hong Kong issues.

Trump: If there is progress in the negotiations, it will silence the demonstration in Hong Kong.

According to sources, Trump told Xi Jinping in a telephone conversation that as long as the US-China trade negotiations progress, they will remain silent on Hong Kong’s demonstrations.

The White House then deposited the conversation in a high-profile security-level electronic system that was used to store Trump’s conversations.

Warren: Trump sells Hong Kong people

After CNN’s report was exposed, Warren responded on Twitter and said that Trump did not describe her, but she was very angry at the fact that any president privately sold Hong Kong people. She said that the White House must disclose the written record of the dialogue and that the United States needs a leader who defends the value of everyone.

Trump said on the same day that he would consider asking Beijing to investigate Biden and his son, and said that he intends to intervene in the leaders of more countries to combat Biden’s chances of running for the election. However, some Chinese diplomats told CNN that Beijing has no intention of being involved in American politics. The report also quoted Trump, a White House allies, saying that when Chinese officials asked Trump whether he seriously asked Beijing to investigate Biden, the other party responded by “promoting corruption investigations and favoring Trump.”

Trump has called on Beijing to “humane”

When the White House was asked about a telephone conversation between Trump and Xi Jinping, he did not deny the mention of Biden. Spokesman Stephanie Grisham said that one of the key points of effective diplomacy is that world leaders and presidents can speak freely, so these conversations need to be kept secret. She added that the White House would not comment on Trump’s content of each conversation, emphasizing that all dialogues are appropriate.

As for the Hong Kong issue, the storm of anti-reform demonstrations lasted for nearly four months. Trump rarely publicly commented on the way the Hong Kong government handled the demonstrations. Even though he once called on Xi Jinping to solve the problem in a “humane” way, there was no incident. Publish words that are tough.

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