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The British Parliament is expected to invite the Queen to give a speech on October 14 and vote after the speech. Many media in the UK pointed out that voting according to the current situation can be rejected.

In August, Johnson invited the Queen’s Speech to force the extension of the September recess to cause controversy. The Queen’s speech is scheduled to take place on October 14. After the speech, Congress will vote on the speech.

Since the speech of the Queen’s speech was written by the Prime Minister, the content of the Queen’s speech represents the government’s policy objectives. The content of the speech on the 14th is expected to revolve around the Brexit. I believe that Johnson will use the Queen’s mouth to express his firm position on Brexit.

After the Queen’s speech, Congress will vote on the speech, which means whether Congress supports government administration.

On August 2, Johnson expelled 21 conservative members who prevented the hard-off Brex from leaving the party, causing him to lose the majority advantage in Congress. The British “Sunday Telegraph” reported that even if some of the members were voted for by the Legislative Council, the Queen’s speech would probably be rejected because more independent members would vote against it.

The veto of the speech will mean that the government will not be trusted, and the opposition party can demand that Johnson resign and force him to manage the crisis.


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