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Bloomberg reported on October 8 that people familiar with the matter reported that the Trump administration plans to limit US capital inflows to China, especially US government pension funds.

Bloomberg also made relevant reports on September 27, but the White House adviser Peter Navarro denied. According to people familiar with the matter, officials held a meeting last week to discuss issues and focus on how to avoid government pension funds to finance China’s economic growth.

According to the report, the office of the National Economic Committee Chairman Larry Kudlow held a policy coordination meeting on October 1st, including the National Economic Council and the Ministry of Finance. A spokesman for the National Economic Council declined to comment on the report.

According to sources, the government’s focus is on further review of index suppliers and the decision of Chinese companies that the government considers to be a significant risk to US investors to be included in the index. It is still unclear what legal authority the White House plans to force, forcing the main index to remove specific Chinese companies from constituent stocks.

Limit capital inflows or become a bargaining chip in China-US trade negotiations. It is alleged that the office of trade representative Robert Lighthizer did not play a major role in the discussion of restricting capital inflows because Washington did not confuse the discussion with trade negotiations.

The discussion of investment restrictions initially included other options, such as imposing Chinese companies to delist from US exchanges, imposing restrictions on US government pension funds’ investments in China, and capping the value of Chinese companies under the index of US companies.


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