US economy

Kaplan, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, pointed out that the US economy has recently slowed down. It is difficult to judge whether the US economy will be free from deterioration after the global economy is significantly weak and trade disputes continue.

He pointed out that even though the Fed has cut interest rates in July and September this year, the local economy is still fragile. It also pointed out that there are considerable uncertainties in the current economic outlook and the economic situation has a chance to turn bad. He will observe the changes in the data before the meeting of the interest rate meeting at the end of this month, and then decide whether to support the authorities to cut interest rates again.

Kaplan also pointed out that in dealing with the economic slowdown, the Fed should not be too cautious when using interest rate instruments, and think that if tools are not used, it may become too late. He believes that even if the authorities cut interest rates again by the end of this month, they cannot prove that they are currently in the middle of the interest rate cut cycle. They think that the decision to cut interest rates is subject to a number of factors.

Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank Governor Mestre pointed out that even though the current trade and global economic slowdown brought risks, the US economy can still avoid a serious slowdown, and pointed out that there is no evidence that there is a major change in the economic outlook, and that the authorities should not reduce it. interest. She also expects the local economy to maintain growth in the next two years, with unemployment below 4%.


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