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British Prime Minister Johnson met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on October 10. Varadka described the meeting as very positive and believed that there was an opportunity to reach a Brexit agreement by the end of October to allow the UK to leave the EU in an orderly manner.

Johnson met with Varadeka at Thornton Manor. Varadeka told Irish reporters that it is possible for Britain and Europe to reach an agreement, but mentioning that the world often falls short, many things are not in their own hands.

Asked which party made a compromise to break the deadlock, Varadeka responded by saying that he does not think that the current situation should be viewed in the context of who made compromises, or who wins or loses, and does not think that this is a game that any party wants to play with. .

The joint statement of Johnson and Varadka stated that the two saw possible ways to reach an agreement. EU bargaining representative Michel Barnier and Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay met again in Brussels on the 11th.

Sources of the British Prime Minister’s Office have earlier revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made an unacceptable request, and it is basically impossible for the two sides to reach an agreement. The EU also accused Johnson of shirking responsibility.


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