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A major breakthrough was made in the Brexit negotiations: On the current day, the EU member states said that there was not enough time and there was no possibility of reaching an agreement. The latest news indicated that the UK had made major concessions. British media quoted EU officials as saying that as long as the British government agrees to the new plan, it can come up with discussions at the next day’s summit and reach a new agreement with the UK.

With less than 24 hours left on the 17th of European time, whether Johnson can become a “Brave Hero” fate is about to be announced.

The British “Guardian” quoted the news that the United Kingdom made major concessions on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The new draft proposes to separate the entire UK from the EU. Northern Ireland is legally a British customs territory, but it is actually an EU customs territory. Northern Ireland and Ireland therefore do not have hard borders and customs inspections will be located on the Irish Sea.

New plan: “Only apply to the bottom of the Northern Ireland range”

In the old Brexit agreement of the former Prime Minister Wen Cuishan, the bottom-up plan explained that before the British proposed a better plan to replace, in order to preserve the free circulation of goods between Northern Ireland and Ireland, the United Kingdom was required to stay in the EU customs zone.

The new scheme is similar to the bottom-up option, but only in Northern Ireland. The plan also includes provisions to make Northern Ireland legally belong to the United Kingdom and leave the EU together. Therefore, the new scheme can also be regarded as a “bottom scheme for the Northern Ireland only”.

Different from the “four-year double-boundary” program in early October

This program and the “four-year double-boundary” proposal proposed by Johnson in early OctoberAlmost, they are in the “customs zone”. Johnson proposed that the Northern Ireland only adopt the EU’s “rules of goods”, such as food safety indicators, packaging restrictions, labels, etc., and leave the “customs tariff system” of Northern Ireland away from the EU and follow the United Kingdom.

The EU’s plan requires Northern Ireland’s tariffs to follow the EU.

This creates a difficult problem. In fact, the proposal of “Northern Love to stay in the EU Customs Zone” and “The Irish Sea to Establish Customs Boundaries” was proposed in the period of Wen Cuishan, but because the plan was regarded as “cutting North Love” was rejected.

There is a new agreement to win the key 24 hours

Therefore, whether Johnson can truly accept this plan becomes the biggest problem. In fact, when the EU released this good news, the British Prime Minister’s Office responded with a low-key response to “there is still a lot of work to be done”. But in any case, the EU’s offer broke the previous almost hopeless agreement on reaching an agreement. As long as Johnson successfully persuaded the cabinet and promised the EU before the deadline, the EU could publish the draft of the draft Brexit agreement and put the draft at the summit. Discussed and signed with the United Kingdom.

Of course, there is not much time left, and there are only 24 hours left on the 17th from the EU summit.

But if all goes well, Johnson succeeded in winning the agreement with the cabinet and signed a new agreement in the EU. Johnson’s responsibility was basically completed. At least he did not need to extend the EU to the EU for no agreement before 19 days. As for whether the new agreement can be passed in Congress – it is not important to John.

If Congress passed the agreement, Johnson suddenly became a Brexit hero and successfully led the British to have an agreement to leave the European Union. If Congress can’t pass the agreement, Johnson only needs to continue to delay the time until the 31st, then it can also lead the British to the Brexit. In conclusion, it can become a “hero”.

If Johnson can’t win the agreement, it means that Johnson must delay leaving the EU, resign, break the law or prepare to “dead in the ditch”. 24 hours on the 16th will be the biggest key.

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