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The British Parliament passed the prevention of the hard-off Breeze “Lee Ka Fai Amendment” on October 19. The Prime Minister Johnson was required to send a letter to the EU in accordance with the law to request to delay the Brexit, but at the same time submitted another letter requesting the EU to refuse to apply for extension. . When the EU said it had arrived at the letter and considered how to respond, British officials said the parliament was off the European Union on October 31.

In the Johnson cabinet, Michael Gove, who was responsible for preparing for a non-agreement to leave the European Union, said in an interview with British Sky TV: “We will leave on October 31. We have the means and the ability to do so.”

He spoke on Johnson’s letter to the EU: “The letter was sent because Congress asked it to send it… but Congress can’t change the mind of the prime minister. Congress can’t change the government’s policy or determination.” He pointed out that there is no agreement in the country. The risk of Brexit increases.

Johnson sent three letters to the European Union. The first one was a brief note from the British ambassador to the European Union. It explained that the government’s statement made a request for Brexit and was only obeying the law. The second is a photocopy of the Benn Act, which was passed by the British Parliament in early September. The third is a letter signed by Johnson, which asks the EU to reject the UK’s request to postpone the Brexit.

The EU seems to be confused about the release of these signals from the UK. European Council President Donald Tusk said on October 19 that the EU has received letters from the UK and is beginning to consult with other EU leaders. French President Emmanuel Macron asked Johnson to quickly clarify the situation. A French official said that Mark Long suggested that delaying the Brexit would not be good for anyone.


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