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Britain dissolves Congress today, Johnson promises that the Conservative Party will win the election at the end of January

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The British Parliament will soon be dissolved on November 6th, entering a five-week campaign and holding a general election on December 12. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that if the Conservatives win, they will lead the UK to leave the European Union as scheduled in January.

Johnson held the last cabinet meeting on the 5th. He thanked the cabinet staff for their assistance and allowed them to obtain a new Brexit agreement in a short time. Johnson said that the current goal is to achieve the Brexit, and said that it would be a disaster to waste 2020.

Johnson said that if the Conservative Party he led won in the general election, he will be able to fight for Congress to pass the EU’s Brexit agreement with the EU, so that Britain can leave the European Union at the end of January 2020.

The United Kingdom will hold a general election on December 12 after the dissolution of the parliament on the 6th. If the Conservative Party wins the election, the leader of the election will continue to serve as prime minister, otherwise the prime minister will be succeeded by the winning party. According to the latest opinion polls, the Conservative Party currently leads the public with a 39% lead, the largest in the Wild Labor Party, 27%, and the Liberal Democratic Party, which advocates staying in Europe, at 16%.


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