5 years ago

Trump: China is eager to reach an agreement because the industry chain has been broken

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China-US trade talks continue, US President Trump said he has received hundreds of billions of dollars from China and successfully broke China’s supply chain, claiming that China’s economy is in its worst.

At a press conference on November 9, Trump claimed that China’s supply chain “is broken like an egg.” China is in the worst economic period in 57 years. Trump also said that because China’s economy is very poor, China hopes to reach a trade agreement.

Trump said that the reports outside were all wrong and that the US had received tariffs. Trump said that China has not paid a single point in the past, and the United States can now actually collect hundreds of billions of dollars from China.

Trump said that the trade negotiations were slower than he expected, but the talks were very good, and that the United States had not promised to revoke any tariffs. He also pointed out that the agreement must be correct before an agreement can be reached with Beijing.

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