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Trump impeachment case first public hearing The Republican counterattack time has arrived?

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The first public hearing of the “Tongwumen” impeachment investigation will be held on Wednesday (November 13th) in the US East Coast. In the next two weeks, at least 11 former, current White House or senior diplomats will be publicly available to the National Assembly for live broadcast on TV. The way to become the next stage of the Democratic-led impeachment case. However, this stage is likely to become an occasion for the Republican Party to counterattack.

It is worth noting that the 11 witnesses have already come to Congress to give evidence, and each time they are moving for hours, and their confessions are also publicized one by one. It is hard to imagine that they will openly testify and bring any unknown. fact. To put it bluntly, public hearings are just a process to convince the public.

The Democratic Party wants the people involved to come up with a saying that adds a “human taste” to a political story far away from the horizon. The Republican Party hopes to drill holes in the witness’s response and “clean up” for Trump. Inviting the White House to visit in exchange for the “interest exchange” of the Ukrainian public investigation of the political opponents of the Democratic Party.

Since the impeachment case is only a political process that looks like a judicial, it is inevitable to solve it on this political stage.

How to put together complex stories will become the biggest challenge of the Democratic Party

The public hearing will continue to be led by the House Intelligence Committee. Democrats’ committee chairman Adam Schiff and the committee’s minority leader Devin Nunes will each receive 45 minutes of questioning time for them to play freely. Each committee member will then have a five-minute time to question the witness.

Before the hearing, Schiff and Nunez are expected to make their own statements, in line with many old theater conventions, in an open-ended way to set the tone for both sides of the plot; and the witness will then publish his personal statement as a work For the beginning.

The script of the Democratic Party is mainly divided into a main line and three sub-lines. The main line is of course Trump’s “interest of interest”, while the three secondary lines are “How Trump Giuliani, a private lawyer, is obstructing US foreign policy,” said former ambassador to Ukraine, Marianne (Marie). Yovanovitch) How to be unfairly removed, and “Trump prevents witnesses from going to Congress to give evidence of how to impede justice.”

How to extract a simple and concise story that can be persuaded by the public in these complicated plots will be the primary challenge of the Democratic Party. After all, even American political journalists may not be able to remember so many characters and details out of thin air.

Republican counterattack script

The public hearing can be said to give the Republican Party the opportunity to regain political lyrics. Although the facts of Trump’s interest exchange seem to be difficult to deny in terms of current evidence, there are loopholes in any story. This gave the Republican Party a chance to break.

First, because many witnesses are also senior diplomats who have served the two-party government, attacking their credibility is likely to be counterproductive. However, witnesses such as the US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland who have actively changed their testimony (from favoring Trump to unfavorable Trump) will still be attacked by integrity.

Second, the Republican Party can still try to point to the father and son of Joe Biden to be investigated by Trump. Hunter Biden, the son of Biden, has no experience in energy companies, but can get paid on the board of Burisma, the largest natural gas company in Ukraine, apparently because his father is the vice president of the United States. Biden later joined the pressure of other countries, including the European Union, and asked Ukraine to replace the then Attorney General. There are also doubts about conflicts of interest.

Although the Republican’s Nunes had asked to call Hunt to testify, it was rejected by the Democratic Party. In the absence of key players, the Republican Party may not be able to open the bow here.

However, the most important strategy of the Republican Party is how to find out the doubts that are beneficial to Trump in the “Tongwumen” story. Although all the current evidence points to the fact that Trump has exchanged interests, there are still many loopholes that have not yet been filled. First, according to the current confession of all witnesses, plus the call records issued by the White House, Trump has never been accused of personally requesting Ukrainian public investigation of the Democrats as a condition for U.S. aid or the White House visit – just as many underworlds The movie’s play is general, and the boss only needs to hint that the following people naturally know how to operate. Republicans can argue that the “interest exchange” in the population is just a misinterpretation of them. Trump himself has no intention.

Second, the existing fact is that Ukraine has not announced that it will investigate Biden’s father or son, but the Democratic Party’s aid has been released, and Trump also met with Ukrainian President Ze in the vicinity of the UN General Assembly in September. Volodymyr Zelensky. Republicans can indeed say that this is only a one-way transfer of interests, and Trump has no income, so there is no exchange of interests at all.

Third, even if Trump really had an investigation into Uzbekistan’s support for Uzbekistan’s investigation of Biden’s father and son, Republicans could claim that Trump “really believes” that Biden’s father and son are involved in greed, not because of Biden. It is possible to become the president of the presidential election and only deliberately use the mouth of the U.

Since judging intentions has always been a major difficulty in the judicial process, if the Republican Party makes this happen, it will be a great challenge for the Democratic Party to describe the story as “the Trump smearing the hearts of political enemies.”

Finally, the Republican Party can also commemorate the banner of Trump’s carelessness in the handling of Tongwumen, but the mistaken threshold. After all, the US president is indeed a “word of speech” of foreign policy. His actions, even if they are politically incorrect, may not constitute abuse of power.

More importantly, although all the witnesses almost all said the same fact, some witnesses also said that they did not think that Trump had made a serious mistake. For example, Kurt Volker, the former US special envoy for Ukrainian affairs, indicated that he had never been “I want to do what he thinks is wrong,” and Tim Morrison, senior adviser to the White House National Security Council for Russia and Europe, who is listening to Trump and Zelensky, also said that “he has not worried about any illegal.” Things have been discussed.” The two witnesses are the Republican’s Nunes, who, except Hunter, have proposed to call for public evidence; they will testify next week.

Up to now, the plot development of the “Tongwumen” impeachment investigation has been moving forward in accordance with the Democratic Party’s intention. Today, it is fair, but it has to allow the Republican Party to influence the development of the plot under the magnesium light. This is an opportunity for the Democratic Party to show its strength with thick evidence, but it is also the time for the Republican Party to counterattack. The confrontation between the two parties and the development of the future plot will only become more and more exciting.



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