European Council President Donald Tusk gave a speech on November 13th urging British voters not to give up the option to stop Brexit, saying that after the Brexit, it will become a “second-rate role.”

Tusk warned that Britain will become a “second-rate role” after leaving the EU, which may become “the real end of the British Empire” and urge British voters not to give up the option of stopping Brexit.

Tusk said that Brexit may happen in early 2020. “I try my best to avoid the situation of hard Brexit in the UK, prolong the time of reflection and the time when the UK may change your mind.” “The UK election will happen within a month.” Can the situation still be reversed?” Tusk said the only thought was: don’t give up.

Tusk will step down as chairman of the European Council on December 1 and will be replaced by former Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has earlier criticized the British parliament for “deaf” and failed to fulfill the people’s mission to achieve Brexit.

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