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Multiple shootings at London Bridge in the UK

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A sudden accident occurred on the London Bridge in central Britain on November 29. At 1:58 pm, the police received a report that a beheading occurred near the place. Many people were injured in the incident. The police rushed to the A man shoots. Police later claimed that the suspected attacker of the shot was dead. He had a fake bomb on him at the time and the incident was classified as a terrorist attack.

Many people were injured in the incident

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that videos circulating online showed that at the beginning of the incident, several people in casual clothes tried to subdue a man, and the man was shot after police arrived. Witnesses said more gunfire was heard at the scene.

A statement from the police stated that many people were believed to have been injured in the incident and that the incident is currently in the initial stages of processing.

The Guardian later quoted investigators as saying that the man who had been shot by police was dead.

Online videos also show that the police tried to subdue a man at the time.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that from online videos, multiple police cars rushed to the scene and ambulances were also present.

An explosion at Borough Market near the scene was reported after the incident. Fortunately, Sky News later quoted police as saying that no explosion had occurred.

Terrorist attacks on London Bridge in 2017

Terrorist attack on London Bridge in 2017On June 3, 2017, three assailants drove a truck and knocked down five or six passers-by on the pedestrian bridge at the London Bridge Expressway. They then alighted to a nearby restaurant and bar and attacked diners and passers-by with a knife. People died and nearly 50 were injured. All three attackers were later killed by police.

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