london bridge

The terrorist attack on the London Bridge in the United Kingdom, the police said that the suspect Usman Khan was committed alone, and the motive is still under investigation. He was interviewed by British television in 2008, claiming that he was not a terrorist and hated being labeled by terrorists.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) found footage of Usman Khan’s interview in 2008. In 2008, British police raided multiple residential areas in Stoke City with anti-terrorist targets. One of them was the Usman Khan family. Usman Khan was interviewed by the BBC at the time, saying he hated labeling Muslims with terrorists.

“I was born in the UK and grew up in the Stuart City community from a young age. Everyone knows that I am not a terrorist.”

But Usman Khan was sentenced to prison in 2012 for participating in terrorist activities and was granted parole in 2018. Usman Khan is being monitored after parole and attending rehabilitation courses. He was suspected of attacking participants and passers-by of London Bridge with a knife while attending a course near London Bridge on the 29th, and was eventually killed.

The ultra-Islamic group ISIS claims that Osman Khan is a member of the group, describing him as responding to ISIS’s call and targeting countries that fight it.

Police are still investigating the cause of Usman Khan’s crime and searching for evidence at the scene. The BBC revealed that one of the deceased was a Cambridge University graduate who had participated in coordinating the content of the rehabilitation course that was attended when the suspected murder occurred.


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